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Aspirin and derivative blood thinners should not be used for one week before and after the filler injection. The first 2 hours after the injection should not drink green tea, wash the skin and take a shower. The application area should not be touched for the first 3 hours after the application. A doctor's approval must be obtained in order to apply procedures such as massage to the skin. On the first day, you should lie on your back using high pillows and keeping your head up whenever possible. On the day of the application, sports should not be done, sauna should not be used as it may increase swelling, hair should not be dyed and eyebrows should not be removed. At least 1 week should be waited for skin care. Again, due to the possibility of infection, you should not enter the pool for at least 3 days. Alcohol consumption should be limited because of the possibility of increasing edema.

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