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Oxygen also plays a critical role in the removal of wastes formed in our body. As people age, the oxygen they take in and its passage into their cells gradually decreases. Adequate and abundant oxygen ensures health, and oxygen deficiency causes diseases. Basically, most diseases develop due to insufficient or poor use of oxygen. Ozone (O3, Ozone), which is the active and energetic form of oxygen, effectively increases the oxygen supply to the cells thanks to this active state. With Ozone (O3, Ozone), the cells are saturated with oxygen and many diseases are prevented before they occur.

Ozone (O3, Ozone) is formed as a result of the photochemical reaction of oxygen and UV rays in the atmosphere during a lightning strike in nature. Thus, the air is cleaned naturally, organic decay by bacteria and microbes is prevented, and most importantly, UV-B from the sun, which is quite harmful. Ozone (O3, Ozone) is a gas that has many health benefits like oxygen. Unlike oxygen, Ozone (O3, Ozone) is an antiseptic, a powerful oxidizer, and because it is more active and energetic than oxygen, it enters into many reactions in our body and is effective in regulating our metabolism.

According to many scientists, Ozone (O3, Ozone) is the most useful energy-loaded molecule. The most important factor that provides the healing feature of ozone is that it has an extra oxygen atom, increasing the oxygenation of the tissues to a significant extent. The extra oxygen molecule is transferred to organs and tissues through blood, as well as wastes and It facilitates the removal of toxins by oxidizing them. Ozone (O3, Ozone) accelerates the body metabolism without spending basal energy. Thus, it makes us feel more active and fit. The truth is; Ozone (O3, Ozone) is a natural source of healing.

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